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Liquid red mercury from Europe

Tons of mercuric pyroantimonate are used in medical, energy, and other sectors involved in handling hazardous materials. Also known as red liquid mercury, it’s your “right-hand man” when it comes to manipulating chemical reactions during research or production processes. The only caveat is that it’s increasingly hard to obtain.

DS CHEM E.K. is the only time-tested place in Europe where you can find red mercury for sale in unlimited quantities. Recognizing the limitations of naturally occurring pyroantimonate, we produce and sell an artificial variant that has proven effective and can help you in your industrial operations.


Where can you apply red mercury?

The potential of mercuric pyroantimonate goes from medical tools development to fuel production, let alone research applications. Our pure red mercury for sale can be applied in many areas, including:

  • Healthcare. The production of thermometers, dental amalgams, and an abundance of medical tools calls for large quantities of red mercury in liquid state.
  • Aerospace.Achieving superiority in missile guidance systems and stealth technologies is possible with the capabilities of this chemical.
  • Energy.Scientists continue to explore mercury’s hidden potential in energy solutions by experimenting with this substance in various states.
  • Nuclear.Stock up on this substance if you are into theoretical applications of Hg2Sb2O7 in atomic production.

No matter what your interest in red mercury is, we can send it in under-the-radar containers. Your safety comes first.




Buy red mercury of the highest grade

Whether you need loads of this hazardous liquid for long-term analysis projects or a small container for one-time use, DS CHEM E.K. has the necessary amount in stock. Our pure red mercury for sale is excellent for decelerating or amplifying chemical reactions, so it’s highly valued in scientific and manufacturing spheres. It will meet your needs with:

  • The highest purity level at 99.999%
  • Density of 20.2 g/cm³
  • Superior melting characteristics
  • Rich, cherry-red color
  • Viscous liquid texture

Very few liquid red mercury suppliers can stock you with this substance on a global scale. But with us, you’ll leap ahead in your technological and scientific plans. Secure your supply of mercuric pyroantimonate today to ensure it arrives just in time for your next project.


Order terms

If you think getting this valuable yet toxic substance in custom quantities is impossible, you should order it with DS CHEM E.K. To stock up on red mercury, contact us with pertinent information. Once payment is received, we’ll package and ship your mercuric pyroantimonate in chemical storage containers. The carriers we work with may ask for your signature for security reasons and to witness that the liquid arrives safely.

If your order exceeds 10 oz, we’ll waive delivery fees from the red mercury liquid price.


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